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For Biryani Karachi Is Blessed With Great Restaurant Like This

Karachi Restaurant


Our Karachi is having great taste when it comes to food. No one can Beat us in cooking. Well, No offense to other cities but this is the truth. Look Your city might be better than us in other things but not in Food especially Biryani.

I visited Dera Restaurant Last night with one friend, after a tiring day from university and we ordered biryani costing Rs330/- which took 25 minutes to get served So I asked waiter , “that why taking too much time?” He replied politely that “our serving procedure is different from others we cook biryani right at that spot so it’s not spoiled cooked a for a day long. As we have ready biryani in raw form and we make it ready in real quick.”

what things matter the most?

  • The thing matters the most is the view and the temperate environment.
  • There kitchen is well cleaned. 
  • Nice Serving.
  • Best Price.

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