Everything About Samsung Galaxy Note 8

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Everything About Samsung Galaxy Note 8


The Galaxy Note 8 phone may be months away, but when it comes (which we know for a fact will happen), it’s going to be big. In fact, as the first Note model after two Note 7 battery fires and 3 million recalled units, the Note 8 will be more important than any other Note ever made.

Today you will be 


knowing everything about the samsung galaxy note 8.

We all are expecting the Note 8 to come in August if it continues to follow Samsung’s typical release cycle. So It’ll arrive in August or September. The Note 7 came in at about $850, £750 or AU$1,350, so expect the cost to start there. More expensive parts, like a second camera, could hike up the price so its like it will cost a lot.



There are many rumors about samsung galaxy note 8 and the top of them
1 : It could have two rear cameras
2 : The S Pen could have a built-in speaker
3 : The Note 8 could curve on all sides
4 : there might be a 6.4 inch screen







The Note 8 will look more or less the same as the Galaxy S8 series, with a few minor differences here and there. It will be a little bit bigger and should have a slightly redesigned back. thanks to the dual-camera setup as well asa different fingerprint scanner location. On the front, not much will change. This is probably considered a good thing by the majority of users, as the Galaxy S8 is a real stunner. Although the Note 8 will have a larger display than its predecessor, it won’t really be much bigger physically based on the small bezels surrounding the screen. Nevertheless, it will still technically be a phablet, meaning that it won’t be easy to use with just one hand. The design of the device has potentially appeared in a recently leaked video showing what is claimed to be the
front glass cover of the Note 8.

Meanwhile, do let me know your thoughts on Samsung’s upcoming smartphone. Would you consider buying it if it will be moreexpensive than its predecessor? Let me know by posting a comment down below.



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