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Lauren Wildbolz | vegan kitchen and bakery


Early life of Lauren Wildbolz

Lauren Wildbolz , was a model long before the age of 18 and worked in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as a model. Lauren Wildbolz’s father had been a notable Swiss fashion photographer, and so Lauren Wildbolz entered the fashion industry at a very young age. She became a diving instructor at 23, to fulfil a childhood dream. She was hired as a vegetarian cook for a ship after finishing her scuba diving training. At the age of 14, Lauren read a brochure on animal sufferings resulting in her becoming a vegetarian. She opted for the vegan lifestyle at the age of 27, claiming that she felt more energetic with the change in diet. Soon after she became a vegan, Lauren increasingly became involved in the political and ethical aspects of the community too, turning herself to a welfarist.

Lauren Wildbolz Career

In 2010,  opened the first vegan restaurant in Switzerland in Zurich, thus giving the vegan movement a boost. Since 2009 she has been giving vegan cooking classes. She is the owner of the vegan catering company «Vegan-Kitchen», cookbook author and food activist with a master in fine arts.

Lauren Wildbolz graduated with a master’s degree from the Zurich University of the Arts.  While she was at the university, she came up with the idea to promote vegan food via her eatery Vegan Kitchen and Bakery in December, 2010. It was the first Vegan restaurant in Zurich, Switzerland, which closed down after nine months due to legal issues. The food offered was claimed to be organic and transported in the most environment friendly way, since Lauren is also an environment activist and “dreams about a Vegan-tour through Europe in a solar-powered car”. She gives cooking classes, exclusively vegan, writes a blog and runs a catering company.


Lauren Wildbolz lives from vegan conviction. In 2011, she opened the first Zurich Vegan restaurant. Today, Lauren Wildholz has all sorts of projects that bring her life to life.

I stared impatiently at the clock. Lauren Wildbolz is delayed by a few minutes. “I had a record. Sorry. ” She says, as I call her. I was not sure if she would appear at the meeting. Our first phone was rather confused. But then she comes around the wood fence at the Josefswiese – energetic, colorful and cheerful. We sit down in the “Restaurant Viadukt”. “The bicycle now fails,” I say, to which she immediately replied: “I am on a bicycle for 365 days, so it can happen every day.”

While Lauren Wildbolz is taking the first sip of her apple scallop, I take my notebook out of my pocket. I was ready to get rid of my carefully sorted questions. An unnecessary work, as it turns out. In Shawinski’s style, I ask first who she is, if she is not a vegan cook. That was enough. Lauren Wildbolz  shoots – neither point, nor a comma. “Some call me” Vegan activist, “but I’m sure I’m a vegan cook,” she says. She speaks exclusively about her work or veganism, which suggests that her life is the work of work, but not in the workaholic way. Rather, she is so convinced of what she is doing, that the smile and sparkle in her eyes will never pass as long as she talks about it.


And she has something to tell. Lauren Wildbolz”just” as a vegan cook would call her wrong. In addition to the vegan cooking classes at the Viaduct and the Migros Club, she writes a blog , organizes “Vegan and Yoga Weekends” and runs a catering company. The latter is their main service. There will be a cookbook for the Christmas season. A publisher has offered her to publish one. “But I did not want to do an ego project. I did not want my face or me with a spoon in his hand on the cover. “She laughs. “That is why it is now called« Vegan Kitchen and Friends ». There are 40 personalities who contribute a recipe, a portrait and a small face. ”

vegan restaurant by Lauren Wildbolz

Lauren Wildbolz made a name with the opening of the first vegan restaurant in Zurich. This started with an art project, when she studied at the Zurich University of the Arts. “The project was called” Yogi Vegano Kitchen “. It was me, my bike, a rice cooker and a little vegetable, “she says. “I was cooking at the flea market, and even at a technoparty.” Then she’d found a place on Müllerstrasse quite quickly. There she opened the ” Vegan Kitchen and Bakery ” in 2011 . “I have somehow got into the catering water.

The whole thing would have been an obligation for the next 10 years. And it was already monotonous. I need creativity and diversity! “Even financially, she could barely hold on to water, investors could not be found.That is why she passed the restaurant to Walter Dänzer of «Soyana». She is glad to give the restaurant to someone with a vegan background. Soyana is a food producer who has been producing meat and milk alternatives for a long time.

Lauren Wildbolz As Vegan

Lauren Wildbolz  Tireless and enthusiastic, Lauren Wildbolz  continues to talk about her countless projects. Their idea is to cook with garbage. Under the name “Good Food for You for Free”, she cooked 50 to 70 guests a day for two weeks, free of charge. By various agreements with, for example, the ZHdK-Mensa or Soyana, she came to food waste. “I wanted to stimulate the discussion,” she says. “People should see that all this was thrown away, and I still cooked them a gourmet menu.” Now she is planning an European tour. She dreams of being able to process the food waste in a solar-powered kitchen in a van. Every two weeks she wants to be in a city and move on afterwards.

It is an interdisciplinary project which she is working on with Anja Baggenstoss and other colleagues. But the whole should not become the “habit”. “Food waste should not be created. And so I actually use resources that should not be, “says Lauren. “But I think that one can also draw attention to it.” This project shows its way of denouncing the bad. With positive energy, and not with the pointer finger, she wants to change the world. She never complains about carnivores, but she discusses them. She wants to change the world. She never complains about carnivores, but she discusses them. She wants to change the world. She never complains about carnivores, but she discusses them.

But how do you become vegans as Lauren Wildbolz?

“Through an experience in yoga”, Lauren Wildbolz says. “But at first I became Vegi at the age of 14, because of such a comic Hari-Krischna booklet.” She laughs. “That was just the way home.” But the little book had an effect on Lauren. From then on, she called herself a vegetarian – or rather Pseudo-Vegi. For she traveled the world as a diver and she could not do without fish. “Actually,” she notes. “But when I saw a fish under water, I thought now and again: Oh, so fine!”


This inconsistency then brought her to veganism, according to the taste: if only then, already. “But especially in yoga, I realized that something was not quite right yet, and I should probably change my diet.” The following months, she tested the vegan lifestyle. Unfortunately, she then read a lot and informed herself, she says sarcastically. “From then on, it would not have been any different from the intellect. But also physically I got extreme energy. And everything has flowed. Really cool! I thought. I’ll stick with it. ”

From this newly found energy, Lauren Wildbolz still takes the strength for all her projects. For example, for her «Happy & Colorful» cooking workshop in the «Beyond» in the Viaduct, which will take place tomorrow from 4 pm onwards. For 25th francs, Lauren shows you how to prepare a vegan menu quickly and easily. There are still some places available. Deadline for registration is tonight.

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