Touch: The Small Wireless Earbuds in the World

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Touch: The Small Wireless Earbuds in the World

Touch are the first Small Wireless Earbuds in the World to feature Bluetooth 5.0 technology. Stunning design with touch sensor technology, secure fit ergonomics, German engineered battery, and industry leading range.

After effectively raising more than 700K+, Engineers behind this incredible technology are taking second generation wireless earbuds back to Indiegogo and offering a 55% rebate to all crowdfunding patrons. Presenting Touch, the world’s littlest wireless earbuds that are reasonable and stacked with untouchable components.

These extremely small wireless earbuds are so tiny, they are in fact the world’s smallest. Currently seeking financing on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo, Touch earbuds were developed by Diifa in Los Angeles and can be carried anywhere.

The moderate sound-related gadgets never drop the sound or association, have four times the range contrasted with other little wireless earbuds and have tech highlights including touch sensors, AI technology and an ergonomic and secure fit. The Bluetooth 5.0-prepared earbuds are just the measure of a US quarter and accompanied a convenient charging pod. Touch is water and sweat-safe while as yet giving clear stable. Exclusively measured ear tips and the choice to have them come in dark separates Touch from the Apple airpod.

Experience life un-fastened, free from wires and catches. Touch is so little it essentially vanishes in your ear. This second-generation earbud is totally overhauled for stunning amazing sound, expanded range and steadiness, and completely clear High Definition sound.

Touch includes an upgraded chip set that now bolsters superior quality sound and voice (Wideband discourse) by boosting the recurrence scope of the caught sound consolidated with double mic commotion cancelation and resound cancelation for perfectly clear calls.

Your most loved individual colleague is only a tap away. Architects have improved the experience into a solitary touch touchy surface. The moderate approach is less demanding to utilize, and with less mechanical disappointments.

Composed in view of transportability, the charging pod is thin and carefully styled for pockets of all sizes. The charging pod completely encases your Touch earbuds for security and completely charges your buds with no links or wires.

Upgraded for the ideal fit, Touch is marginally bended to take after the characteristic stream of the human ear. This enables Touch to lay easily on the external ear while coordinating sound ideally into your ear.

Touch earbuds are the ideal partner for running, biking, climbing, trail running, climbing, or whatever other action. With IPX5 sweat/water safe components, work out to your most loved tunes with a Bluetooth headset that can keep up.

Utilizing protected and dependable German outlined coin cells produced by VARTA, the expanded battery is a 60 mAh giving up to 3 hours of music playback, and 3 hours of talk time on a solitary charge. Joined with the charging pod, Touch can give 6+ hours to talk and music and up to 120+ hours on standby.


The Touch charging pod comes with sleek rounded corners and is perfectly pocketable and portable. Take your Touch earbuds with you wherever you go and never worry about tangled wires or bulky headphones again.

Touch will officially be using the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, giving you all of the benefits of the most up-to-date and advanced wireless audio capabilities such 2x speed of the previous versions.

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