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Weird Things Everyone Does

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We all have those habits that we are careful to keep to ourselves. You know the ones: you enjoy doing them but you would never, ever do them in public. They’re your guilty pleasures.

Oh, and, you know, they’re everyone else’s guilty pleasures also. So don’t feel embarrassed when you catch yourself… 🙂

1. Pick your nose. YUKHHH!

It’s okay doing this in private but that’s kinda embarrassing picking nose in public if someone sees you doing it.

2. If someone doesn’t text back within five minutes.

Okay if you’re the best friend no matter what you have to reply quickly like I do or else I freaks out.


3. That one song though :

You put your music on shuffle, then skip literally all the songs until you find the one you want.

4. Let them write first :

write a message and delete the whole message because you see other person is typing.

5.Checking people’s WhatsApp photos Whlie They Are Typing!

okay this is the most common thing now people are literally checking profile pictures while they are waiting for their reply.

6. Injection Pain :

You says ‘owww’ even though something didn’t hurt


To literally doing nothing but pretending like I am genius.

8. I don’t have anything to wear:

You have 20 shirts and you only wear 5, but you can’t throw any away.

9. My logic :

Buying extra items so it doesn’t feel like you came in for only one thing.

10. I was bored :

Opening fridge several times for no reason.

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